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Written by Axit Mehta

The self funded venture which has a global turnover of 500million yen has already started classes at their first center based out of Punjabi Bagh and has plans to expand to rest of the country and are targeting 10 standalone centers by March 2017.

“TAMAI” Method has been effectively brought into numerous schools, kindergartens and significant educational centers in Japan. It’s interesting 3D environment for learning geometry is new instructive technique and has earned positive notoriety in enhancing youngsters’ scholarly results. This technique has likewise been adopted in US, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

Ms. Mitsuyo Tamai, Founder, KIWAMI – recently shared the following benefits of ICT learning in an interactive meet at their center in Delhi.

Benefits that make ICT learning a must for young minds:

  • ICT tools enable better tracking of students, resulting in enhanced behavioural management, thus creating a more positive schooling atmosphere for both students and teachers
  • It emphasises on understanding fundamental core concepts, through narrative stories and high quality animation. Through ICT, images can easily be used which greatly improves the retentive memory of students
  • Teachers can easily explain complex instructions and ensure students’ comprehension
  • This methodology creates interactive classes which makes the lessons more enjoyable, which could improve student concentration and attendance.
  • According to the strengths and weaknesses of a student, classes can be tailored to enhance the learning curve
  • It encourages active and independent learning, self-responsibility and maturity for learning
  • Learning is flexible with anytime, anywhere access
  • Development of writing skills through the use of word programs, improves the fluency, originality and elaboration as well
  • ICT tools enhances their ability to solve complex geometric questions without relying on formulas, and sharpens their spatial reasoning capacity
  • Students and teachers can maintain a record of a child’s journey in the form of an electronic portfolio, and can add immense value to the learning process.

Mr. Siddharth Marwah, Director, KIWAMI also shared various teaching methods and programs with the students & parents at the meet. Programs & methods like Tamai method, Tamai Mathematics (Narrated), Ee Soroban (Abacuss), Robotics Program, Gakken science, Science Vision, Kiwami geometry, Maths CBSE course are currently being undertaken at the Indian branch.

                Mr. Marwah also added that the brand is aggressively doing pilots and tie-ups across India with various schools.

Few pictures from the event:

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